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October 26, 2005


by @ 10:37 am. Filed under 2005 Season

Well, it looks like lightening is going to strike in the same place twice. Last year we have the perenial losers, the Boston Red Sox, end their “curse” by finally winning the World Series. This year, we have an equally pathetic franchise, the Chicago White Sox, looking set to win their first World Series since 1917. If the Cubs win next year, I think we should plan on the world ending sometime soon.

Looks like Brian Cashman is coming back, and he might get a little more power out of the deal. So now, he’ll be accountable if the Yankees can’t put it together next year.

I think the first order of business will be getting Hideki Matsui back in pin stripes. While Hideki was a lighter at the plate in 2005, he was a touch better in the field and his WARP3 of 8.2 is the best he’s ever had. He also cut way down on his strikeouts this year, even if his walk total dropped as well. BJ Ryan would make a nice replacement as a setup man if Gordon decides to go elsewhere.

So if the White Sox win tonight, I’m sure the price of gold will go up, and people will start stocking their long dormant shelters that they built in the 1960s (when the the democrats were in charge and they were needed).

And with the end of the season, comes the awards. A-Rod should take home the MVP. Randy Johnson might get some votes for Cy Young, but he probably won’t win it. Torre might get a vote or two for Manager of the Year, but Ozzie Guillen will probably walk away with that. He can put it next to his gold gloves and his “one of the worst hitters of all time” award.

2 Responses to “Armageddon?”

  1. Peter N Says:

    RJ will get votes for Cy Young’s Award only from the voters on crack. You have to be kidding me! Have a nice weekend.

  2. Peter N Says:

    Time to diss Sox fans on other blogs, one in particular, and no time for n entry in your own? I thought you would have something to say about the Manny story today (Sat.). Have a nice weekend, though.

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