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October 2, 2005

Baseball’s Savior

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The question I’m asked most about my new site is, “What does the name mean?” Plain and simple, the New York Yankees, along with George Steinbrenner, are baseball’s savior. The league would not exist the way it does now if it weren’t for the Yankees. Let’s look at the numbers…..

First, George Steinbrenner gives away more money in revenue sharing and the luxury tax then any other team in the league. It’s not even close. That number is set to be close to $100 million this year. That’s more then most team’s payrolls and most of it goes to the so called “poor teams.” I know the luxury tax goes into the league’s coffers, but it’s the owners money to play with and you know Bud’s into helping out the little guys. Where would the Royals be if it weren’t for the paycheck they get from King George.

Second, the Yankees make the rest of the team’s money. A lot of money. They’ve led the league in road attendance from from 2002 through 2004. In addition, every team requests to have the Yankees come to their stadium. A lot of people would point to this year as a decline because they finished a close second to the Red Sox, but the only reason that happens is because we’re forced to play 10 games in the world’s largest kitty litter box (Fenway Park) that holds around 35k, while the Red Sox benefit from playing in Yankee Stadium, where the Yankees broke the American League record for attendance this year. So those 10 games in the shit box, whether they sell out or not, lowers their average attendance on the road.

Take the Yankees out of the equation, and you have something akin to a very popular International League or Pacific Coast League. Despite the fact that everyone hates the Yankees, everyone knows that the Yankees are needed.

And since we’re on the subject of the Red Sox, it’s interesting that they squeaked into the playoffs. It took a bigger choke job (Indians) to get them in, but they’ll be there. They say if you put an infinite number of monkeys into a room with an infinite number of typewriters, one of them by accident will produce something Shakespearian. The same can be said for the 2004 Boston Red Sox. A loser franchise finally beat all the odds and did it. Unfortunately for them, their luck has run out. The Red Sox will get squashed in 2005 and this year, they won’t be able to hide behind some stupid curse.

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  3. Anonymous Says:

    dude, give me a break, I am so sick of hearing yankees fans wax poetic about the great George.

    He is not doing anything remarkable whatsoever. The thing is the Yankees play in NY, aka the biggest market in North America! It’s not like he is sacrificing anything by spending a lot on players, that’s how he maximmizes revenue. Once your payroll is $150M if paying an extra $50 significantly improves your chances of making the playoffs/winning the world series hen it IS PROFIT MAXIMIZING TO DO SO!

    If George cut payroll to $60M he would lose all those bandwagon fans as they yankees became subject to the normal competition cycle (compete-rebuild-compete…)

    Let’s stop the idolotry with steinbrener, he is a business man, he’s just making money the way you can in NY.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yankees, blah, blah, blah…
    The biggest group of band wagon fans around. These same “lifelong” Yankees fans were the same “lifelong” Met fans in 1986.

  5. Brian Says:


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