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August 15, 2011

How Much Does Division Race Matter?

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Last year, the Yankees and the Rays fought a lackluster division race because both teams had effectively locked up a playoff spot early.  This year it’s more of the same.  The Yankees sit a win back of the Red Sox, but they have an impressive 8 1/2 game lead for the Wild Card.  I don’t see the Angels or the Rays catching that much fire or the Yankees tanking that bad so it’s safe to lock them in.

Basically, the Yankees are playing for the chance to play the Tigers (or Indians or White Sox) rather then then the Rangers (or Angels).  Honestly, I also think that’s six of one, half dozen of another. The Rangers have a better team, but going up against Justin Verlander, potentially twice, doesn’t leave the Yankees much margin for error in their other games.  Still, the Rangers have that potent lineup and pitching so the Yankees will have to bring their A game no matter who they face.  I wonder how much baseball playoff tickets will be going for this time around.

Yesterday was a 9-2 pasting over Tampa Bay.  Jorge Posada made a statement with three hits and six RBIs while Curtis Granderson hit his 33rd home run of the season.  Phil Hughes threw six strong innings and he improved to 3-4.

Next up are the Royals.  I like our chances in taking back first place after this series.  The Red Sox have the Rays.

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