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May 20, 2007

Joe Torre, Jason Giambi Under Fire

by @ 10:39 am. Filed under 2007 Season

The Yankees look like a sinking ship but guys, it’s really early to start worrying.  Yeah, a ten game deficit is tough but an extended winning streak could cut that in half in a hurry and put the Yankees into striking distance.  In the meantime, Joe Torre’s name has come up as the possible first manager fired this season.  I’m not sure what the problem is, but I don’t think it’s Torre.  I mean, one of the manager’s primary goals is motivation and I don’t see how that applies with all of the stars in this lineup.

The other guy who could be gone is Jason Giambi for using performance enhancing drugs.  I’m not sure if you want to bail on a slugger of his caliber but then again, he’s hardly lit it up this year.  This all came about because Giambi more or less admitted to taking steroids when he said the league should apologize for the PED fiasco.

One guy who hasn’t taken much heat is Brian Cashman.  While Gary Sheffield is having a good but not great season, the main part of the trade that sent him to Detroit is out for the season with an elbow problem.  That’s not what I’d call an effective deal.  And the big signing up until the Clemens show coming to town was Andy Pettitte, who’s had a hard luck season with little run support.

And while it’s hard to focus on one game, tonight’s nationally televised game against the Mets seems to be a big one and could be used as a springboard to turn the season around.  It could also be the final straw for guys like Joe Torre.

One Response to “Joe Torre, Jason Giambi Under Fire”

  1. allonthefield Says:

    Actually, I think it isn’t that early to start worrying. The Red Sox aren’t going to fold, and I hate to break it to you, but I don’t think Clemens is going to be the savior everyone thinks he will be.

    As for Jason Giambi, not only will the Yankees not earn the right to void his salary, but even if they did they would be stupid to let him go. He’ll heat up again and probably finish with 30 HR and 85-95 RBI. Maybe not MVP stuff, but not worth dumping, either.

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