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October 9, 2005

Still Alive

by @ 11:16 pm. Filed under 2005 Season

The Yankees head back to Anaheim for Game Five in their ALDS. Some solid pitching by Shawn Chacon and Mariano Rivera allowed the Yanks to get back in the game. Derek Jeter’s ground ball fielders choice scored Jorge Posada on a close play at the plate. Someone has to tell Molina it only counts if you tag the guy with hand that has the ball. Someone also has to tell Robinson Cano that he has to slide on close plays at the plate. I almost had Jeremy Giambi flashbacks on that play.

It’s Moose vs. Bartolo Colon in game five. They haven’t announced a time yet, so I’ll be curious to see if they juggle their primetime lineup to show the Yanks move on, or if I’ll miss the game because I’m at work and it’s shown during the day.

3 Responses to “Still Alive”

  1. yankeegirl76 Says:

    I was also worried about when they would show the game being that I have to work also.It looks like 8 pm is are starting time I believe on FOX.Can I just say from one YANKEE FAN to another WE GOT THIS!!

  2. johnmeister Says:

    I am not sure that Cano should have slid. Sliding causes you to slow down. This is important so you don’t overrun bases, like 2nd base and 3rd. But at home, Cano is trying to outrun the throw. If he slides, he slows down and may be tagged out. As it is, without slowing down, he barely beat the throw.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Believe it or not, if you watch the replay of Cano’s score, it turned out better than he didn’t slide. There is more body surface crossing the plate when one slides. When the ball is out in front of the plate, in fair territory, as the throw to Molina WAS, Cano presented less of a target crossing the plate standing, even though it can be scary, and certainly in some cases, such as in the now infamous jeremy giambi la-di-da crossing of home plate only to be caught by Jeter shoveling the ball to Posada on the most incredible shortstop play I’ve ever seen. If Cano had slid last night, I’m not saying he would have been tagged out, but because Molina had to turn around and try a swipe tag, it is possible that if Cano had slid across the plate at the same moment, he might have appeared out to an umpire, whereas, running across the plate, with Molina 2 steps into fair territory, when Molina reached back to swipe tag, he had to actually tag him. A clean miss, which is what he had, was obvious. It’s not the ideal way to cross home plate, but last night, I think anyway, it worked to perfection. Next time, he’d better not push his luck, though…he should always slide. just ask Jeremy.

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