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October 11, 2005

Time to Think

by @ 8:51 am. Filed under 2005 Season

Alright, the Yanks are done. Yeah, I’m disappointed. When your expectations are to win the World Series each and every year, anything short of that is a downer.

There will be some changes heading into next year, namely Joe Torre and Brian Cashman will probably not be with the team. Some new blood might a good thing, so wait and see.

Even though the Yanks are done, I’m not. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the offseason and I’ll be continuing my World Series Retrospective series. I’ve also been talking to some other like minded bloggers, and we might do some group roundtables or something, so be sure to check back every week or so. I plan on posting at least twice per.

Regardless of what happens, we have the best owner a professional sports team has ever had. Mr. Steinbrenner gives us a chance to win the World Series every year, and I’m confident he’ll do the same for 2006.

3 Responses to “Time to Think”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I couldnt agree more and surprised it took another year for some to see it. Torre should had been axed last year after the Boston Tea Party. To sit there and watch it all fall apart and do nothing is beyond me. Now its a no brainer what this team needs and who that person is, it is Sweet Lou! Joe Torre Ball is like watching a Little League Manager with a bunch of spoiled children. I remember the days when you didnt play well, um you sat, not say its ok, we will get’em next time. Torre has gotten off easy and been looked at as some great manager, which is complete nonsense. When a manager for most years, granted injuries this year, has 5 number 1 starters and others are lucky to have, let alone 2 he has a unfair advantage. Its great having a guy like George and I love him to death, but Torre’s time has come and gone.

    Changes at this point, dumping that piece of sh*t Kevin Brown is well over due. Bernie its been great, but cya!! To see these weekend warrior fans crying keep Bernie sickens me and the thought of evening mentioning Damon as his replacement makes it worse. I would love to see ARod go away, far away….I have never liked him, he is soft and nothing more then a GQ poster boy for hitting Triple A pitching throughout the season. Another bunch of crap is Mat-Suckie….he is terrible, save the money, want a bat, cant beleive I am saying this, but wanna true hitter go get Manny. Other then Bonds, Manny is the best hitter in the game and he is such a nutcase he wouldnt even fall subject to playing in NY nonsense. Now, add a CF and you wont have a role player like Bubba crashing into a guy trying to make a catch. As much as I dislike ARod he does play a good 3rd, so the infiled is set for next year, unless we unlaod his losing a$$. The OF needs a Tori Hunter in CF, Manny in LF and Sheff in RF..the pen is another area for concern, get Ryan from the O’s as a setup man, then he takes over when Rivera retires, starting pitching well we are stuck there, maybe unload Pavano to the NL, why we didnt keep Lieber who wins 16-17 games, proven in NY and sign Wright I still cant get over. It will be fun to see what happens, but with George in control I am sure we will be back stronger then ever.

  2. Brian Says:

    Thank God we won’t to see the landfill known as Yankee Stadium and the garbage that fills it any more this October. Yankees lose, Yankees lose, daaaaaaaa YANKEES LOSE!!!! (Look at the bright side, at least they didn’t choke as bad as last year)

  3. Eliyahu ben Avraham vaSarah Says:

    “with George in control I am sure we will be back stronger then ever.”

    You’re kidding, right? Steinbrenner is one of the big reasons why the team is in such lousy shape. He knows nothing about how to really build a quality team. All he does is buy big guns and try to make a patchwork team. The only times the Yankees have been successful under his rein is when he was suspended or otherwise not involved in the team’s day to day opperations.

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